Caroline Akinyi Odiwuor

KCPE: 2011, 329 (B)
PRIMARY SCHOOL: Kamondi Primary School, Koderobara, Rongo District
HIGH SCHOOL: St. Albert’s Ulanda Girls High School, Migori County, 2012
GUARDIAN: Father, Grandmother
LER MENTOR: Anna Ogalo

Caroline Akinyi Odiwuor did her KCPE in 2011 at Kamondi Primary School in Koderobara, Rongo District. She got 329 marks (B) and was admitted at St. Albert’s Ulanda Girls High School in Migori County in 2012.

Caroline is the only child from her father and her late mother. She has been living with her grandmother from around the age of three years. Caroline and the grandmother mostly survive on the grandmother’s subsistence farming. Caroline’s grandmother is very hard working and although she has taken care of Caroline’s needs during primary school years to the best that she could, taking Caroline to secondary school without the assistance of the father is not possible for her.

The land they have is also quite small and what they get is only enough to feed on with no surplus for selling. According to her primary school teachers, Caroline is a disciplined girl who is interested in getting an education. She also has the brains, so if she works hard she can take herself far. Caroline’s mentor is Anna Ogalo.

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